Monday, September 17, 2012

crocheting brings out the curiosity

My youngest daughter plays softball on 2 teams.  One team has 2 games a week.  The other team has a 3 hour practice a week plus plays tournaments periodically...where we spend one or two days (6-8 or 10) hours at the ball park, alternating between watching their games and waiting on their next game.  I love all of these times....and whether we are watching a game or waiting....I am crocheting.  For the tournaments I have taken my large scrapbook tote on wheels and made it into my yarn tote.  Of course I can't go anywhere without a gazillion projects, lol.  So I take awhile and pack up all of the yarn, my patterns and all the various things I need.  For the weekly games I pack a smaller bag but still with several projects.

Everyone has become used to finding me sitting in my chair, crocheting away....all the time.

At first it seemed like no one paid me any attention.  And then, slowly, I noticed people watching what I was doing, looking to see what I was making.  Sometimes it is adults of various ages, sometimes older kids...but quite often it is the little ones that are so curious!  And most of the time they aren't shy about coming to talk to me.  They want to ask....what are you making, why are you making that, what is that, where do you get  that (yarn), how come you use that, why are you using that color and on and on and on.  I've learned to be very patient and answer those questions over and over.  Their interest is so heartwarming.  Most of them have never seem anything like it.  They want to know all about it.

Sometimes it is the older people that want to ask you what you are making.  Recently an older Grandma wanted to talk crocheting with me and she wanted to know if I had pictures of the things I had made with me (of course I did, grin).  Sometimes it is the group that's between kids and older group that want to talk.  Some want to tell me that their Grandma crocheted, or that their Grandma taught them, that they used to do it but haven't, some that they would love to learn.  I wish I could teach them all.

Both of my daughter's softball teams (5 of the girls are on both teams) have started coming each game to see what I'm doing.  They know the things that I most often work on and they like to guess what I'm doing.  One wants to see the biggest hook I have at the next game, grin.  They admire the things I make and they make me feel great.

This past weekend my daughter played in a tournament.  We were at the ball fields on Saturday for about 9 hours and again on Sunday for about 9 hours....heaven for me with all of that softball playing and crocheting together!  Each day I had a little one that was my buddy.  On Saturday it was Hadley (not sure of spelling).  Her older sisters were playing also on another team.  She climbed in the chair with me.  She played with my hooks.  She always wanted to know what I was doing and she asked the same questions a billion times and I loved it.  She was so cute, so precious.  I put the hook in her hands and held her hands and helped her to make a single crochet.  She was so excited....and just doing that one stitch was good enough for her.  I hated when she had to leave.  I had great fun with Hadley on Saturday.  On Sunday I can't remember the precious little one's name but again she was such a cute who cuddled right up and wanted to know all.  She was only 'with me' for one game so we didn't get to spend as much time together but I sure enjoyed the time we did get to chat.  She asked those same questions about what I was doing, etc.  I was also trying to take some pics of my daughter and she 'borrowed' the camera and took some herself....way too cute!

I love to crochet...yep, I'm obsessed with it.....but I also love to interact with others, esp the little ones, about the awesome hobby that I have.  I love to share all things about it.  I wish I could teach everyone that wanted to learn.  It's such an incredible thing to know how to's really changed my life.  But for now, I will be content with not only  making cool things but talking to others of all ages about crocheting!  It makes me smile!!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Tote bags

I joined a secret sister swap....and the girl that I was partnered with loves tote I got the idea to combine a tote bag with my love with crochet.....I made her one and I also made Gracie and I one.  Here are the final outcomes.  What do you think (I love them)?

This was the first one I was for Gracie....pretty plain....jut getting an idea of what I doing....but she loved it!

Tote number 2 for my secret sister.  She not only collected tote bags but she loves anything with a cupcat on it is what I can up with...

Up close of the tot
e for my secret sister, showing the charms....A cross (she's a Christian),  P for her name and a cupcake.

And finally my tote, with flowers on it.  I want to add some more charms some time.

Another view of mine....

  I really like how they turned, fast and very cute and unusual....

Monday, June 18, 2012

Sneak Peek of Baby Dresses that are almost completed

Earlier this year I had the great pleasure of making my very first baby dress when testing a pattern for Crafting Friends.  You can find Kate and her awesome designs on Facebook at: Crafting-Friends.  Since that first awesome dress, I have now purchased every dress pattern she has, and anxiously await each new one, had the honor of testing so many more dresses (various ones in various sizes) for her!  I'm obsessed! lol

Here are a few of the dresses that are complete except for those finishing touches that I need to put on each...buttons, ribbons, etc.  

18 month Shell Brook 

 2T Ribbons and Lace

 3T Baby Tay

4T Shell Brook